Wholesale Coffee

So you’re looking for a wholesale coffee supplier to supply your cafe or espresso bar?

Well, you have just found the best coffee roaster and supplier in Australia!

Gold Coast Wholesale Coffee


Below are some FAQ in regards to our Wholesale Coffee

Why are we the best at Wholesale Coffee on the Gold Coast?Coffee Wholsaler
Because we treat you as an extension of our Family. We use quality green specialty coffee beans rated at 85 points or above before we even start roasting. This is to ensure our roasted coffee is perfect and above all satisfying.

Have we won any awards?
Yes, we have won multiple awards and we also placed 2nd in Australia for one of the biggest coffee roasting competitions in the world, the Golden Bean Roasting Competition. We currently have other awards from the Australian International Coffee Roasting Awards also, which can be seen, on our awards page. You could even say we are the most awarded coffee roasters on the Gold Coast.

Who do we supply to?
We supply mainly to specialty coffee shops. People wanting best-roasted specialty coffee. We supply Australia wide and are more than happy for you to contact us to see if we are the right coffee roaster to partner with your business. Click here to see our happy customers.

Do we loan free coffee equipment?
This is a very common question and the answer is YES, we do supply free coffee machines & coffee grinders. We have a certain criteria, which have to be met for this type of business proposition. If you are looking for this service please contact us so we can assess your situation and help you out. We are sure we can.

Where can we deliver too?
We take on clients worldwide but specialise within Australia. There is nowhere we can’t service; we have clients as far as Japan.

Can we train you in espresso making?
Yes, we specialise in Gold Coast coffee training and Gold Coast Barista Courses. We have a steady flow of students through our coffee school in Southport on the Gold Coast. If you become part of our wholesale coffee family this training is complimentary. We invest in you so you can get more business which is good for both of us.

Are we are a small boutique roasting company? Can we guarantee consistency?

Roasting Coffee

Yes, we can. We started of as a small boutique roaster. But over the past 5 years, we have grown into one of the biggest coffee roasteries on the Gold Coast. Like the big coffee roasting companies, we all buy from the same coffee farms around the globe whether it is directly or through a green bean coffee merchant. If there is an insufficient supply problem with a particular coffee bean, we work closely with our green bean suppliers to source a replacement of equivalent value. Unlike big companies, if their contracted crops are damaged it affects their overall business. We are very safe and can guarantee our blends will be consistent. We also have the highest and most unique single origin coffees coming available each and every week. We can guarantee there will always be a great single origin for your cafe.

Can we do private labeling or contract coffee roasting?
Yes, private coffee labeling or branding is what we specialise in. We work closely with our clients to produce a blend suitable for their needs. There are minimum quantities for this service. So please Contact us to find out how you can start building your own brand. If you want us to copy a blend you have tried out there. Then please bring it in as we are masters of our craft and are confident we can satisfy you with a blend that suits.

Can we supply umbrellas, wind barriers, cups and saucers etc?
Yes, we supply all of this and they are free of charge depending on your volume of ordering.

What price per kilo do we charge?

This question is one of the first we get asked and like everything, the more you purchase the better the price. However please note that we are a premium & specialty coffee supplier. We spend a lot more with our suppliers to ensure a high grade and where possible specialty coffee sourced for our clients.

Do we use Fair Trade, Organic or Rain Forest Alliance coffee?

Yes, where we can use all of these. You will find most of our blends containing these. We also have a fully certified organic blend, which is seasonal. This means that we buy different organic coffee’s throughout the year but is always guaranteed to be organic.

Do we sell, lease or rent coffee machines?
Yes, we do all. Take a look at our coffee machines page if you are interested in purchasing equipment please contact us. If you are looking to rent. Most the time we have coffee machines and grinders available. If you are looking at leasing we also have an external company for our leasing. But, it is all available.

Golden Bean Award Winning