Coffee Condiments

Silipo Coffee source and supply the best coffee condiments for your specialty coffee house. We have drinking chocolates, coffee syrups, sauces, sugars and sweeteners.

Silipo Drinking Chocolates

Silipo Coffee care just as much for their chocolate as they do their coffee. There would be no point in us sourcing the worlds best coffee, if we didn’t do the same for our range of drinking chocolate.

SC West African drinking chocolate is from Ghana, it is formulated by a master chocolatier. Taking into consideration what SC wants for their customers. With that being said you will find you won’t need as much as it is already a dark rich flavour. Our West African chocolate is also great for dusting cappuccinos for latte art. So if your wanting to give dusting a go, this is the one for you.

Our West African drinking chocolate is Vegan, Paleo, Gluten free and Dairy Free making it a perfect product for your cafe or home.

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Coffee Fudge/Sauces

Fudges are used predominately in making frappes and milkshakes within the coffee industry. SC chooses to use Da Vinci Gourmet Sauces for using in their espresso bar and also wholesaling to our coffee family.

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Sugars and Sweeteners

SC have sugar sticks printed for use with our wholesale customers and for our own store. We also supply a natural sweetener call Natvia by the box and a Panella Sugar by the 1kg bag.

Panella is an unrefined sugar cane juice that helps or assists with making our espresso taste great. It has a slight molasses like flavour and is our pick if you do enjoy adding a little sugar to your coffee.

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