Drinking Chocolate

So you are after a drinking chocolate that makes you drool thinking about it?

We now have that chocolate!

Drinking Chocolate

What is Grounded Pleasures?

Grounded Pleasures drinking chocolates are made using African Red Cocoa beans. Grounded Pleasures have travelled the globe in search of the finest and highest grade. Grounded Pleasures claim that the African Red is one of the most pure and sumptuous chocolate experiences you can find. It is sourced from West Africa in the best cocoa growing region. It exhibits all the hallmarks of African grown Forastero cocoa beans and a hint of Trinatario cocoa beans, with delightful high fruity notes. The origin of African Red is Ghana. This Ghana cocoa is from a great cocoa growing region that produces a cocoa of singular depth and complexity. It is from this small region that the cocoa derives its amazing flavour and complexity.


The Flavours.


African Red Drinking Chocolate.Red African Plain

An intense dark chocolate coffee experience, which is deep and powerful. Hints of plum, dried cherry and sun dried muscatels. It finishes of with an amazing textural resonance on the tongue and in the mouth that echoes delightfully for an age.



Red African Infused OrangeInfused Orange.

An infused chocolate coffee with orange flavour. The secret for flavoured blends is to combine them so that neither of the flavours dominates more than the other. These cocoas have been subtly flavoured with a blend of natural Australian and Sicilian orange oil. The natural unique nature of this cocoa with its high cocoa butter content, when combined with the orange oil. It enhances the sugars leaving a lovely textural quality, which makes for a fantastic drinking chocolate coffee or as an enhancer to sprinkling on ice cream, deserts or drinks.


Red African CinnamonCinnamon spiced.

This great cocoa was blended with four freshly cold ground spices direct from the “Spice Islands” with cinnamon predominating, in a sophisticated European style of spiced drinking chocolate coffee. The cinnamon was procured from an amazing Sri Lankan which will impress you not only with its singular flavour of the cinnamon, but also by the fair and equitable work practises of this small and ancient farm which has a ongoing history of growing cinnamon for over fifteen hundred years.


Red African French MintFrench Mint Drinking Chocolate.

This is a blend of two great natural flavours – Peppermint oil and African Red cocoa. This oil is exquisitely complex yet subtle. Its lovely multi-faceted high notes marry beautifully with deep toned Ghana Cocoa, with neither flavour overpowering the other. This is like drinking a liquid after dinner mint.



Red African VanillaTahitian Vanilla Bean

Chocolate and Vanilla have been blended since prehistory in the Americas. Both these flavourful wonder foods emerged from the same forests. Vanilla and Cocoa are so inter-twined geographically, historically and culturally that it is not a real surprise that these flavours enhance each other so well. This ethicallyTahitian-sourced vanilla bean is fresh and plump. When packed with the with the African Red drinking chocolate it slowly dries and infuses, steeping its fantastic aroma and flavour.


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