Coffee Grinders

So you are looking for a coffee grinder?

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The next question is would you like one for home or for a cafe/restaurant?

Silipo Coffee supply the biggest range of domestic home coffee grinders and commercial coffee grinders in today’s marketplace.

Coffee grinders come in all shapes and sizes and there is one for every need and place. In the home domestic market we can supply you with brand such as Mazzer, Quamar, Compak to name a few.


As for the commercial market there are a lot more options and brands on the market. At Silipo Coffee we fell it is better to work with our customers to get a great result. First of all we need you to

know your budget. There is no point in looking at an expensive grinder if you can afford it. Like wise you need to know your projected use for the grinder. You may have


a good amount of dollars set aside for your grinder but do you need to buy the dearest. All of these questions you may have, we can help you out.

The following list of grinders are what we stock but you may want something else. Just go to our contact us page so we can hep you out.

The following coffee grinders are what we stock:

Quamar Grinder

Compak, Mazzer, Mythos, Quamar, Nouva Simonelli, Fiamma, Imbertal, Macap, Lelit.

Alternatively you may already have spoken with us or know what you would like. Click here to view

our range.