Gold Coast Specialty Coffee Beans, Coffee Blends & Single Origins

Silipo Coffee is multi award winning coffee roaster located on the Gold Coast who supply their fresh roasted specialty coffee to the whole of Australia.

Silipo Coffee specialise in many aspects of the coffee industry. The first  being their four specialty coffee blends, which have been carefully, selected from the highest grade Arabica coffee beans from around the world. We then roast them in our state of the art 30kg Giesen W30A Coffee Roaster


Our Flagship!
Platinum Coffee Blend

This multi award winning blend starts with the base of Colombian coffee beans mixed with the finest blends found throughout the world to give the coffee an exquisite punch, with a very full flavour of spicy dried fruits and chocolate/toblerone after note. Although this blend is great for every style of coffee, Silipo Coffee highly recommends this blend be used as a milk espresso style of coffee.

Nero Coffee Blend


The Traditional Italian
Nero Coffee Blend

This multi award winning blend. Is formulated from three excellent quality Central American coffee beans; we then roast to give the coffee a very European taste. It is spicy, peppery with a hint of a wine flavour. This is an excellent blend, which suits anyone who likes a good strong coffee with a touch of bitterness. If you are into stovetop espresso, Silipo Coffee recommends this is the one for you.

MarroneMarrone Coffee Blend

A Chocolate Lovers Delight

Marrone Coffee Blend

This blend consists of beans originating from Colombia, Guatemala and Papua New Guinea. The result is a flavoursome, medium strength coffee with a predominant chocolate flavour and tropical fruit highlights. If you are into plunger coffee or espresso coffee, Silipo Coffee recommends the Marrone coffee blend.

Verde Coffee BlendVerde

Our Organic Offering

Verde Organic Blend

This blend consists of beans originating from the best certified-organic farms around the world. It never stays the same for long, but you can be assured of one thing. It will be fabulous! Use it in an espresso machine, try it as a stove top, maybe even a plunger. Any way you have it we can gaurantee it is organic and tastes great!


Single Origin

Silipo Coffee source exceptional coffee! None more than our Colombian Santander. We also supply our single origin to many cafes and espresso bars. This is a good thick dense espresso with dark chocolate flavours, stone fruit good acidity and great mouth feel. Our pick is espresso or milk based as it cuts through pleasantly.

Decaf Coffee BlendSC Decaf Blend

Our Decaffeinated Blend

Our multi award winning Decaf coffee beans have been regarded as the best on the market. We use a Colombian Decaffeinated coffee bean as the base and mix it with another origin to get it to pop! You’ll find it is the best decaffeinated coffee you have ever drank. Which is why it has won multiple roasting awards over the years.

Indonesian Single Origin CoffeeIndonesian Lady Gayo

This is one of our Signature Single Origins

Our Indonesian Lady Gayo single origin is a spectacular coffee. It has a intense spicy fruit flavour, good body, nice acidity and is great on its own or in a blend. We use this in quite a few blends we produce because it is so good. If you haven’t tried it yet, we suggest you do.

Papua New Guinea Single Origin CoffeePapua New Guinea

Kamal Northern Highlands

Another Quality Single Origin

This coffee is a favourite here at Silipo Coffee. It has intricate flavours of tropical fruits, great body, amazing sweetness and performs across all styles of coffee. Silipo Coffee suggest you put this on your to do list. This coffee is a must to try!

Would you like your own coffee brand and label? Take a look at our Contract Roasting page by clicking here.