Award Winning Coffee Roasters

Silipo Coffee have a large range of award winning coffee beans. We source and buy the best green Arabica coffee beans possible and then roast them to perfection to make a coffee you’ll never forget. All brewing possibilities are covered so whether you prefer espresso, filter, cold brew or something completely different, we’ve got a coffee for you. We also provide FREE shipping Australia wide on all coffee bean orders over $49!

Specialty Coffee Blends & Single Origins

Silipo Coffee’s coffee blends, single origins and filter coffees have won numerous awards over the years and once you try them, you’ll understand why. Our coffee beans are always sourced from ethical and sustainable farms from all over the world in line with our company principles and values.

Our four specialty coffee blends have been carefully crafted so that there is a blend to suit everyone, from those who like a strong black espresso to those who prefer a milky latte. Our single origins and filter coffees each have their own unique character and flavour and we provide a guide to what type of coffee our single origins suit in our online store.   

Whether a blend, single origin or filter we use only the highest-grade Arabica coffee beans and these are roasted in our state of the art 30kg Giesen W30A Coffee Roaster.


Platino Blend Coffee Beans

Our Flagship Blend

This award-winning blend starts with a base of the very best Colombian coffee beans which are mixed and roasted with four other single origin coffee beans from the finest specialty coffee farms around the world. This blend has an exquisite full flavour bursting of spiced fruits and nuts with a chocolate/Toblerone finish. Although this blend is great for every style of coffee, Silipo Coffee highly recommend this blend being used as a milk-based espresso coffee.


Nero Blend Coffee Beans

The Traditional Italian Blend

This multi award winning blend is made from excellent quality coffee beans from Central America, South America and Southeast Asia. It is roasted so that the coffee has a very European taste – bold and spicy with a hint of fruit. This blend suits anyone who enjoys a good strong coffee whether a traditional espresso, a long black or a robust full flavoured latte.


Marrone blend

The Chocolate Lovers Blend

This blend consists of beans originating from Guatemala, Colombia and Brazil resulting in a flavoursome, medium strength coffee with a predominantly sweet chocolate flavour and nutty highlights. If you enjoy plunger coffee, Aeropress or milk-based coffees, Silipo Coffee recommend you try this blend.


Verde Blend Coffee Beans

The Organic Blend

The beans for this blend are sourced from only the best certified organic coffee farms around the world. As a result, it never stays the same for long, however you can be assured of one thing – it will be fabulous! Use this blend in an espresso machine, try it as a stove top coffee or even a plunger. Any way you choose to have this blend, Silipo Coffee guarantee it is organic and will taste great.


Specialty Decaf blend

Our Decaffeinated Blends

The beans for our decaffeinated blends are sourced with as much passion and love as the beans for our caffeinated blends which is why this blend changes from time to time.  Whether we currently have our Swiss Water Decaf or our Speciality Decaf available you know that you will getting a tasty quality blend which produces an amazing coffee. Both blends are well suited to all styles of coffee.

Single Origins

Silipo Coffee are always searching for the pinnacle of coffees for you to try. We spend days, months and years hunting for the different, the intriguing, or the odd one in the bunch which will satisfy the most discerning coffee drinker. We also look for farms that we want to work with who are ethical, sustainable and organic, as well as embracing the same values we hold as a company.

Our single origins are all roasted with their own roast curve to achieve the perfect sweet spot which all great coffee should possess. You’ll find a broad selection in our online shop and in-store at our café and roastery. If you are visiting one of our wholesale family’s businesses, you might just find a single origin on offer in their designated grinder.

If you’d like your own custom clean skin coffee blend or label, click here to see how we can help you!