SC Merchandise

SC Merchandise and Branding for cafes, restaurants and Sponsorships is available.

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Silipo coffee offers our clients merchandise and branding to help with marketing their business for increased sales and revenue. As Silipo Coffee grows in reputation so does the demand for our great specialty coffee. When you use our branding, you are essentially telling everyone that you only supply the freshest and best specialty coffee on the market. The way it works is that a potential customer will see the Silipo Coffee brand in a given suburb or area. They love our product so they google search our name in the area they are in. They will get a direct hit to who we are supplying in the area and then you reap the rewards of them visiting your cafe.

SC tailor merchandise and branding to our clients individual needs and wants. We have all ov the following on offer:

  • Loyalty Cards
  • Cups, mugs & saucers with SC logos
  • SC Market Umbrellas
  • SC Wind Barriers
  • SC T-Shirts
  • SC Caps
  • SC Beanies
  • SC Aprons
  • SC Signage for Vans, Cafes and Espresso Bars
  • Teardrop Flags

We can also custom designed uniforms with both Silipo Coffee logo’s and your own. The possibilities are endless. Contact us for more information.