Silipo Coffee Merchandise

Silipo Coffee merchandise and branding is available for cafés, coffee shops and restaurants. We also like to support local sports clubs and teams by way of sponsorship.

As Silipo Coffee continue to grow in reputation, so does the demand for our great specialty coffee. When you use our merchandise and branding you are letting everyone know that you use only the freshest and best coffee on the market as well as widening your potential customer base. 

Silipo Coffee offer our wholesale family merchandise and branding to help with marketing their businesses for increased sales and revenue. We also feature your café on our website so that lovers of Silipo Coffee can easily find you when they’re in your area. This merchandise and branding can be tailored to the individual needs of each customer.

We have all the following available:

  • SC loyalty cards.
  • SC cups, mugs and saucers.
  • SC umbrellas.
  • SC wind barriers.
  • SC T-shirts.
  • SC caps.
  • SC beanies.
  • SC aprons.
  • SC signage for vans, cafés and espresso bars.
  • SC teardrop flags.

Custom designed uniforms can also be arranged with both Silipo Coffee’s logo and your own. 

Contact us for more information on merchandise, branding and sponsorships.