Can I buy coffee beans from your roastery on the Gold Coast?

Yes, Silipo Coffee sell direct to the public and welcome all coffee lovers to try our coffee beans.

Do you roast fresh coffee?

Yes, we roast our coffee fresh every week. It should be noted that all coffee roasters roast a little differently, our coffee usually takes approximately 10 to 14 days to de-gas and reach is optimal flavour.

How do I know when the coffee was roasted?

Silipo Coffee place the roasting date on all 1kg bags and our retail 500g and 250g bags have a best before date so you know for how long your coffee will have that perfect flavour.

Do you stock barista equipment?

Yes, we have a large range of coffee tampers, knock boxes, thermometers, milk jugs/pitchers, etc. All our barista equipment is available from our retail outlet on the Gold Coast and through our online store.

Do you have cleaning products for my espresso machine?

Yes, we stock descaling tablets, group head brushes and coffee machine cleaner in both powder and tablet form.

I’m looking for barista cloths, do you stock those?

Yes, and all our barista clothes are made from high-quality micro fibre.

Do you sell coffee machines/espresso machines?

Yes, we have a large range of commercial and home coffee machines available for sale. Have a look at our online store to see our current range or contact us if you have a particular machine in mind.

Do you sell coffee grinders?

Yes, we have a large range of commercial and home coffee grinders available for sale. Have a look at our online store or contact us if you have a particular grinder in mind.

Do you offer barista courses and coffee training?

Yes, we offer a number barista courses from beginners through to advanced coffee techniques as well as coffee training sessions. Most of our courses are held weekly, and on completion of all courses we issue a certificate to the participant. Details of our coffee courses and training can be found here.

I’m having a function and would like a coffee van or cart, are you able to supply either?

We can certainly help you with your function. We have several coffee vans, trucks and caravans who are a part of our wholesale family. Please contact us and we’ll happily put you in touch with one these vendors.

I am opening a coffee shop and would like a private blend, do you do this?

Yes, we are currently one of the biggest coffee roasters who undertake contract roasting. We have many coffee clients enjoying their very own label and blend as well as an increase in their business revenue.