A local Gold Coast coffee roaster over the weekend at Coloundra on the Sunshine Coast has won two silver medals, one bronze and taken overall runner up to one of the largest and most prestigious coffee roasting awards in Australia the “Golden Bean”.

Richard Silipo owner and operator of local coffee roastery Silipo Coffee in Southport. Entered the competition with the goal to obtain a medal in the Golden Bean Roasting competition.

Master Roaster Richard Silipo has only been roasting his coffee product for six months but that didn’t deter him from having a go. He knew that it was possible.

On the night of the Golden Bean Awards when Silipo Coffee was called up to receive their first medal it was all celebrations at the table Richard was sitting at. But what happened next shocked Richard Silipo and industry onlookers as one medal after the other was announced for Silipo Coffee to head up on stage and collect.

This years Golden Bean Awards attracted over 1200 entries across ten categories. Including some of the biggest names in the coffee industry.

The way the scoring system works is past and present barista champions prepare the coffee submitted by the individual coffee roasting companies for a carefully selected panel of the highest calibre judges. The coffee’s are then scored and tallied up for final results.

Silipo Coffee won a Silver medal in the espresso category for their Nero blend, Silver medal for their Mexican Organic Decaf and a bronze medal for their Peru Single Origin Organic.

Richard Silipo also competed in Gold Coasts first ever Gold Coast Barista Competition.

This was held at the Gold Coast Coffee Festival 2008.

This saw Richard Silipo take second place and was told he had one of the best signature coffee drinks ever been tasted by the judges.