Whether your enquiry is for wholesale coffee, retail coffee, office coffee, espresso equipment or coffee training on the gold coast. We aim to please and are confident that after you peruse our available services, you will not hesitate to take your enquiry further.

Silipo Coffee specialises in a range of services and products. We will provide you with an exceptionally fresh roasted coffee product and we also offer a number of free services once becoming a valued Silipo Coffee client.



Silipo Coffee

Free delivery for wholesale throughout Australia**

These free services include: –

  1. Free Training*
  2. Free settings & calibration of your coffee machine*
  3. Free Samples.
  4. Free Cleaning & service of your coffee machine every 6 months***
  5. Free Advice on purchasing your coffee machine.
  6. Free 24/7 supports for your business.
  7. Free loan machine for your office if yours breaks down****

* Free training/calibration is for Gold Coast and Brisbane based Accounts

** Free delivery is for wholesale clients ordering a minimum of 12kg per order.

**** Free loan machines apply to Gold Coast and Brisbane accounts only.

*** Free Cleaning and services to wholesale accounts using a minimum of 6kg per week


In addition to the coffee services above. Silipo Coffee also offers specialty Barista training courses.

Gold Coast Barista Training

Our barista/coffee making training is a unique service.

Do you want to know how to make a latte or perhaps a double shot macchiato?

Our training will teach you how to make these coffees the same way as a trained barista. Whether it is for the coffee industry, home or office, we will train you or your staff in either a group session or on a one on one basis. For more information you may find all the details in our training section.

Silipo Coffee has built a large customer base in a very short period of time and continues to impress people with efficient and friendly service and a fantastic tasting coffee. We cater to all homes, offices, restaurants and cafes. There is no order too big or too small that we can’t fill.

Give us a call today so that we can have you making and drinking Silipo Coffee – the Coffee everybody is talking about!

If you would like to enjoy Silipo Coffee in your Establishment today please do not hesitate to contact us at a time convenient to you. Meanwhile take time to sit back and relax whilst you peruse our website.