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Our Coffee Training and Barista Courses on the Gold Coast will get you noticed!

So you want to learn to make coffee and obtain a Barista Certificate?


Well, you have come to the right place. We offer a range of the best beginners Barista Course on the Gold Coast and also offer one on one tuition whether it is for the home, office or perhaps you would like to become a Barista within the hospitality industry.

Whatever you are looking for you will find it here at Silipo Coffee’s Barista Training University.

We have coffee training and an Introduction to Espresso Barista course. Which will suit everyone on the Gold Coast.

We have designed our Beginners Barista course to make it as simple as starting with an introductory into the world of espresso. You can follow your training right through with one on one coffee training until you’re fully qualified to be a Barista. There are numerous ways to complete Silipo Coffee’s Barista training. These are: –

Silipo Certificate Course. Click Here

Or maybe you’ve just purchased an espresso machine for home. You might be like plenty of other home coffee first-timers and find it a little too much. Within a short time and a beginner’s Barista course, we can have you making the perfect espresso right at home in your own kitchen.

Silipo Coffee is dedicated to bettering the coffee industry in every way possible. One of these ways is to ensure future Baristas are getting the first step into the industry right.

We can get you started right but you will need to practice and keep learning to truly become a successful Barista.

We have a beginner’s course which suits everyone. Then we have designed our system to make it as simple as starting with our introductory beginners coffee course and then follow your training right through until you are fully qualified to be a Barista. There is now only one Barista certificate course to get you up and running. Then we have one on one tuition to start you working within the hospitality industry.

You will receive a Silipo Accreditation Certificate stating you have completed the course once you are done.

Each course undertaken has a workbook that is included. This will allow you to follow your teacher through your training and go on to further read well after your course has ended.

Please Click Here to view the course located at our Silipo Coffee University training School located on the Gold Coast in Southport.

Please note: Our Barista Certificate Course is Silipo Accredited only! We do not run through any government agency or registered training organisation. We are a fully privatised course and training centre.


Most training is performed by Richard Silipo himself or one of his long-time Training Teachers that is fully qualified. All trainers are experienced in a real espresso bar or cafe environment.


Richard Silipo’s Latte Art has now been featured in two issues of the National & International “Beanscene” coffee magazine.

Other achievements of Richard Silipo’s are:

Richard Silipo holds 2nd place in the only ever “Gold Coast Barista Competition”

Richard Silipo is an accredited judge in the AASCA Queensland Barista Championships as of 2012.

If you would like a One on One tuition with Richard Silipo please click here

If you would like all the information on our Barista Courses on the Gold Coast please click here