Welcome to SC University

After training thousands of baristas over the past 15 years and finding the specialty coffee industry moving faster each year, we launched SC University. SC University is a combination of our YouTube channel which offers FREE coffee training videos as well as our popular paid training courses.

  Do you want to get a Start in the Coffee Industry or Obtain a Barista Certificate?




There is only so much you can learn from a video, and with the coffee industry constantly changing with better processing methods, advancements in technical equipment, etc., we now offer both group and one on one tuition at our roastery on the Gold Coast. On completion of any of our courses or training you will obtain a training school certificate letting future employers know that you have undertaken your training at Silipo Coffee.


Coffee Roasting Course Now Available!


The latest addition to our training courses is our Specialty Coffee Roasting course. It’s a great way for any coffee enthusiast to learn a little more than just making the perfect espresso. This course will take you through green beans, single origin coffees versus coffee blends, set you up to do a roast and how to execute the roast. You also get to take home the beans you have roasted.


Please click on any of the courses below for more information and to book in for the next available date.