Introduction To Coffee Roasting Course

Silipo Coffee is a Gold Coast-based business established in 2006, we roast and distribute freshly roasted specialty coffee Australia wide with the most fastidious of cafe and coffee consumers in mind.

Silipo Coffee have put together an introduction to coffee roasting course. This course is designed to give the home Barista or Coffee enthusiast the chance to learn more about the behind of scene processes that come into play to get coffee to your home or coffee shop. The course is designed to be fun and informative. You will learn about green coffee beans and what we use in the coffee industry. Turning green coffee beans into brown ones involves using heat transfer. There are numerous ways this happens during the coffee roasting process. You will learn the main three types of heat transfer. You will learn Maillard reaction. Maillard reaction is the reaction of the coffee beans going from green to brown and what this chemistry does to the bean. You will be introduced to the coffee roaster and its controls. You will work on a 1.5kg Golden Coffee Roaster which is a commercial built roaster but can and is used for home roasting and small coffee shops. After you have become familiar with the roaster you will be roasted 1kg of single origin coffee. All students will do their own roast and will take home their 1kg of coffee with them. Part of roasting is controlling the roast from start to finish. You will learn these techniques for controlling the roast from start to finish. Some of the reactions during roast are 1st and 2nd crack we will go over these in the course so you can determine your roast outcome. To finish off the course we will be going over blending of green coffees for the roaster and why would pre blend or post blend coffee.



This course is by no means a commercial roasting course. It is a beginning of a journey to start roasting your own coffee. It is made to be fun, informative and educational all at the same time. The course is performed on the first Saturday of each month from 2pm onwards in our training room at our roastery. There is a limit to four students only in each course. This is for time and attention to individual students. We can cater roaster training for excursions for schools etc. But these are to be made by appointment.

The course can be purchased HERE online to secure your spot or to by the course as a gift certificate for a present for that special coffee enthusiast.



Course Content

  • Green Coffee
  • Types of Heat and Transfer
  • Maillard Reaction
  • Introduction to Roaster
  • Roasting your Own 1kg Single Origin
  • How to start your Roast and Control
  • 1st and 2nd Crack
  • Blending Basics