Contract Coffee Roasting

Custom Coffee Blends & Contract Coffee Roasting

SC Specialises in contract roasting!

Today’s market place is fierce. There are individual cafe’s and franchise chains popping up all over the place.

Silipo Coffee


Roaster Close UpWhat is going to make you stand out?

Although we offer merchandise and branding of all our SC products. You may just want to be recognised for who you are and not the company that is supplying your coffee.

Well that’s where we come in!

SC can customise a label that will suit you. We use your logo and your image to create a label and product that can grow with you and your business.

If you feel that custom labeling is what you are after, please contact us



Here is some of our contract roasting clients.


Grind Me CoffeeGrind Me Coffee Co. Have a custom blend suited to their liking. We have worked long and hard together with our client to bring some of the most premium coffee estates from the world to create the Grind Me blend. Grind Me Coffee Co. opened their first store in Miami on the Gold Coast. Since their opening they have clearly showed what great roasting and great Barista’s can do. You’ll find them on Mountain View Parade.


AmberellaAmbarella Fine Foods is a unique fresh food market on the Gold Coast in Burleigh Waters. Ambarella prides them on having the best produce, baked goods, delicatessen, seafood, butcher and juice and yogurt bar. There cafe was to be of the same calibre as the rest of the venue, this saw Caffe Silipo being sourced to provide them with there own coffee blend and branding. Ambarella’s coffee demands are strong and therefore use Caffe Silipo’s premium Machines, baskets and training techniques.