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Roastery & Espresso Bar.

Expresso Bar
Gold Coast Expresso BarWe needed a place to train our students and wanted an environment that was a replica of a coffee shop/cafe. With that in mind we decided to create the espresso bar especially for our students to train in the proper environment.Since then it has grown into quite a phenomena, we now serve hundreds of espresso coffee’s daily and continue great growth.
Our Espresso Bar is equipped with the latest equipment to give the customer the best possible espresso.
The Espresso bar has a range of cold drinks, snack bars, snacks, muffins, cookies and sandwiches to compliment our espresso.

Cookies – Smarty, White Choc/Macadamia, Melting Moments & Key Lime & White Choc
If you are looking for coffee beans or barista equipment we also have that at the Espresso Bar. Just come on in and let us know your favourite blend and whether or not you need it ground.

We now have WI-Fi available for our customers


Our Brew Bar – Gold Coast’s first ever full coffee brewing bar is here. Alternative brew methods are sweeping the Australian coffee culture and we have decided to show case this in our Roastery

Brew Bar

Here you’ll have the following options:

Cold Drip Coffee, which is coffee prepared by dripping cold water through selected coffee grinds for up to 24hrs to bring a unique flavour of coffee. This method sees low acidity and a higher caffeine content. This method is great during summer when you feel like something cold but still want coffee.

V60 Pour Over, this method is coffee of a medium grind placed in a filter paper sitting inside a ‘V’ shaped ceramic vessel. Water is then heated to the optimum temperature for the particular Single Origin or bean. Coffee generally from this method has a good body and nice balance. This method is great for unique characteristics with a coffees profile.

Aeropress, this coffee maker was only invented in 2005 by an American. Since then it has become increasingly popular. It is similar to the French Press or Plunger but has a filter that help give the coffee a very clean crisp taste. Great for both blends and single origins.

Coffee Syphon, this unique methods sees the water sitting in a bottom glass bowl, then heat is applied to bring the water up the to to a second chamber. We then add in our fresh ground coffee steep for a minute the remove the heat source. The coffee then makes its way through a fine mesh and back to the bottom chamber. It has a great flavour and is quite low in caffeine.

Plunger, the recent popularity of new devices has seen the plunger drop of the radar. Not here at Silipo Coffee we still find it a beautiful brew method. Depth, body and strength are still what to expect from this style of coffee.

Roasting Room

Another great feature we have added to our espresso bar and retail outlet is a viewing window of our roaster hard at work roasting all our coffee beans. This is our roasting window and since it’s implementation it has been very popular. If you didn’t know coffee was green to start with you will after watching us roast. There is a big screen tv showing our roast profile of the current roast taking place. There are staff around to assist you with questions if you are inquisitive to what the roaster is doing.

Espresso Bar Trading HoursEspresso bar

Monday: 6am – 3pm
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