Bali God Mountain


Bali God Mountain green coffee beans are a very unique flavour. They have an interesting fruit flavour, a little cocoa and a subtle tobacco finish. Roasting dark is a good for a milk base coffee.

Country: Indonesia
Screen Size / Grade: SS 16/18 Washed Arabica, GR 1
Bean Appearance: Mixed visual, external finish. ‘God Mountain’ is one of only a few ‘better produced’ offers from this island’s overall production
Acidity: Low to medium
Body: High, bold
Flavour: Bittersweet chocolate, fruit/citrus, tobacco
Roast: Dark
Harvest Period: March to June
Grown in rich volcanic soils that dominate Bali, supported with a rich, moist tropical climate. Bali’s own Indonesian-style wet processing produces a unique finish, then further when air-dried on raised beds. The resultant cup finish primarily presents a medium-bold intensity of island characteristics.
Weight N/A