Brewista Electric Kettle


The Variable Temperature 1 litre gooseneck electric kettle from BonaVita. Why is variable temperature so important?  Consider the following temperatures at which these items are ideally prepared:

– Coffee: 93C (200F)

– Green Tea: 80C (175F)

– White Tea: 85C (185F)

– Oolong Tea: 88C (190F)

– Black Tea/Herbal Tea/Tea Bags: 98C (208C)

– Cereal: 91C (195F)

– Cocoa: 88C (190F)

Fitted with a SAA plug for Australian outlets, it’s all ready to go. Features include:

– Temperature set/hold for up to one hour

– Highly accurate temperature reading

– Water temperature read out on display; 6 preset temperatures or user set by degrees

– Gooseneck spout for better pour control

– 360 degree swivel, lifts off base for easy use and filling

– Count up timer – great for timed brewing

Comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

Brewista recent innovations in home-brewing equipment have earned the young company plenty of respect in the specialty coffee world. When the Japanese electric pouring kettle from Hario was unable to make it stateside, Brewista stepped in and offered its own take on the electric pouring kettle. Boasting a flow rate comparable to that of the renowned Buono, Brewista’s stove top kettle surprised and delighted shoppers with an affordable price. Now our friends at Brewista are back with another revolutionary product that makes precise pour-over brewing all the more convenient: the variable temperature kettle.

A digital control panel on the base allows the user to select the desired water temperature for brewing. After heating, this temperature is maintained within 1-2 degrees for up to one hour. Like Bonavita’s other kettles, this cordless electric model sports a gooseneck spout for maximum pouring control and ensures maneuverability by separating from the heating pad. With temperature presets, a 1-liter water capacity, and a built-in timer, the variable temperature kettle simplifies the routine of either the home barista or the coffee professional.


  • 1-liter (33.8-ounce) capacity
  • Built-in count-up timer
  • 360-degree cordless design
  • Brushed stainless steel finish
  • Auto-off
  • AC 120V / 60 Hz / 1000W
Weight 1000 g