Coloured Milk Jug Combo Set


Theses Tiamo coloured milk jugs come in both a blue 350ml pitcher and a red 600ml pitcher. We have put them into a combo as most Barista use both when splitting milk for latte art. You will find measurement on the inside of the cups so you can get accurate milk amounts in your jugs. You will also find the colour powder coated outside very easy to keep clean. This purchase is for both jugs. Free shipping Australia wide on all products.

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These milk jugs are powder coated on the outside and stainless steel on the inside.

They are sure to bring some colour into your café as they come in RED, BLUE and SILVER. They are great to identify your milk at a glance (ie. Red=full cream Blue=light Grey=soy), no more colour taping or writing on jugs!

They also have measurements on the inside and the outside reducing wastage by pouring the correct amount every time.