Espresso Gear Milk Frothing Thermometer


This is a great new way of getting the right temperature for the coffee you are making. Using technology that transfers the heat of the milk to the sticker on the outside of you milk pitcher. The thermometer will change colour to black as it goes through its differing heat. This coffee thermometer is incredibly accurate. Attento thermometers are highly durable and dishwasher safe.

The Attento is a thermo-label which can be placed on your frothing pitcher. The label has liquid crystal slots which indicate the accurate temperature of the milk by turning from black to green as it heats up.

A big issue with standard frothing thermometers is the delay. Standard frothing thermometers are very often up to 1 second out of sync with the actual temperature of the milk. This is a natural effect of all probe thermometers. This is not a problem with the Attento.

Liquid Crystals don’t wait to turn black when a certain temperature has been reached, they react instantly!

Always at hand
Once you put the Attento on a pitcher it stays there for years to come, showing the temp of every latte you serve day in and day out. It is dishwasher safe and can be washed. The Attento Thermometer can be placed on every pitcher ensuring that you will never burn milk again or serve a lukewarm cappuccino. It is recommended that you do not put it in water over 80 degrees centigrade.


Won’t Stick to Jug – ensure surface is clean – ensure there are no air bubbles

Temperature appears to be out to my other thermometer – every milk jug has a slightly different thickness. There is a several degree lag between the milk and the external thermometer and this can vary a little depending on jug thickness

Weight 10 g