Espresso Parts In Bench Coffee Milk Jug Rinser

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The Espresso Parts In Bench Coffee Milk Jug Rinser will make your espresso bar more visually streamlined. The rinser features an in-bench design, extra powerful water jet and is very compact, leaving you with room to spare at your espresso bar.

Weight 621 g
Dimensions 19.5 × 19 × 16.5 cm

Product details

Rinsing steaming milk pitchers between each use is not only an important sanitary preparation practice, but is also beneficial to the proper production of quality textured milk.  The Espresso Parts In Bench Rinser can be configured into virtually any application. Square in shape, with built in water and drain connections, it fits into a cut out in your counter and plumbed for drainage. Adaptable to most espresso bars. Threaded connections are half inch and push fitting is 3/8″.

Milk pitchers should be rinsed using cold water.  Cold water cools the milk pitcher and brings the temperature down from the food danger zone.  Hot or warm water will rinse the milk pitcher, but will not bring the milk pitcher temperature down.

152mm x 152mm x 51mm

Please note: This is shipped as the rinser only and does not come with the water inlet hose, drain hose, PLV or any other fitting which may be required.

Installation Tips:
A 350kpa PLV is recommended for all installations. This is to alleviate the possibility of the valve weeping or leaking under the higher pressure and to reduce the possibility of the seal being blown up over the feed holes and restricting the water flow.

We recommend flushing the feed water lines to the rinser before installation especially on new water lines, this is to prevent any debris getting in to the valve and holding the seal of the seat and causing the valve to leak.