Ethiopian Yirgacheffe


Ethiopian Yirgacheffe grade 2 washed green coffee beans online. This is a very unique coffee bean. It has a very distinctive citrus note. Is quite floral and Jasmine on the nose and probably best first tried as a single origin. We do blend Yirgacheffe here at Silipo Coffee and find the result is quite pleasing.

Country: Ethiopia
Screen Size / Grade: GR 2
Bean Appearance: Clean, and well finished
Acidity: Medium to High
Body: Medium to High
Flavour: Bright, dynamic, complex
Roast: Light to Medium
Harvest Period: Unwashed – October to March / Washed – August to December
A distinctive Ethiopian bean with its own specific regional characteristics. This coffee is extraordinarily bright with citrus, spice and some floral characteristics and rich intensity finding Kumquat and Jasmine in the cup. Definitive and offering remarkable clarity and finish, this is a brilliant single origin espresso bean.
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