Guatemala Huehuetenango


This is a stand out single origin coffee. The Guatemala Huehuetenango boast great flavours of figs and raisins. It is European processed and is strictly high grown. Roast this bean just on second crack to take advantage of its full flavour. Or alternatively roast into second cracl and enjoy as a milk based espresso roast. Free shipping on all products. Australia wide only.

Country: Guatemala
Screen Size / Grade: Screen 16/17
Bean Appearance: Lighter, greenish
Acidity: Lively, citrus
Body: Chocolate tones, medium/light body
Flavour: The flavour is uniquely sweet and satisfying. Rich yet soft with fig/raisin notes
Roast: Medium Dark
Harvest Period March – June
Guatemala is revered as one of the most flavourful and nuanced cups in the world. Huehuetenango from the north highlands can be exceptional and have distinct fruit flavours. Huehuetenango is by far the most rugged and remote area in Guatemala. Thanks to the dry, hot winds that blow into the mountains from the Tehuantepec plain in Mexico, the region is protected from frost, allowing coffee to be cultivated up to 6,500 feet.