Hario Cold Water Dripper Clear

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The Hario Cold Water Dripper is regarded as the best in the world and is very easy to use. It will produce a sweet, low acidity brew which can be enjoyed black over ice or with a splash of milk.

Weight 1858 g
Dimensions 16 × 18.5 × 36 cm

Product details

The Hario Cold Water Dripper requires a 5-7 hour brew time and the end product is well worth the wait. This sleek set-up uses single drops of cold water to extract finely ground coffee and yields a sweet brew with hardly any bite. Water is administered to the brew-bed slowly via an adjustable spout and, having produced a smooth concentrate, continues through a metal mesh filter and into a stylish server. The construction is solid – made from borosilicate glass, polypropylene, making this Hario Cold Water Dripper as beautiful as it is practical.

The clear stand suits any home or commercial setting. 2 to 6 cup capacity.