Hario V60 Dripper

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The Hario V60 dripper is a unique manual coffee brewer. It is a great option for on the go. Hario is known for its quality products and and the Hario V60 dripper will leave you with a memorable coffee experience. This barista essential is great for light roasted single origin style coffees. With a little practise you will be achieving great coffee extractions.  

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1 cup transparent plastic, 2 cup transparent plastic, 1 cup black glass, 2 cup black glass, 1 cup white ceramic, 2 cup white ceramic, 1 cup red ceramic, 2 cup red ceramic, 2 cup matte black ceramic, 2 cup teal ceramic, 2 cup grey ceramic, 2 cup indigo blue ceramic


Product details

The Hario V60 has become one of the most popular manual coffee brewers available. Whether you’re a manual coffee brewing beginner, home-brewing coffee aficionado, or an accomplished barista, the Hario V60 is sure to cross your path at some point. What exactly makes the Hario V60 so appealing? The Hario V60 can brew an amazing cup of coffee due to its unique 60 degree design, large hole in the middle and spiral ridges around the edges. The Hario V60 is simple to use, easy to clean up and takes both Hario Filter paper sizes.

Each brewer comes with a How to Brew manual and measuring spoon.

Available in plastic, glass and ceramic.