Indonesia Kuda Mas Green Coffee Beans

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Silipo Coffee only sources the best possible green beans. We pride ourselves on working with farms around the world which supply outstanding beans whilst maintaining ethical and sustainable farming methods.

Indonesia has a long coffee producing history, however, recently their coffees have been overlooked by the specialty market due to Robusta beans making up 90% of Indonesian coffee crops. Thanks to our innovative and ever-expanding supply chain, we are proud to bring you a high quality Indonesian Arabica coffee.

See below for a detailed overview of our Indonesia Kuda Mas Green Coffee Beans.

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3kg Green Beans, 1kg Green Beans


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Farm Details:

  • Region: Lintong, Lake Toba.
  • Producer: Selected Smallholders.
  • Varietals: Typica, Catimor.
  • Type of Beans: Arabica.
  • Processing: Wet Hulled.

Cupping/Tasting Notes

Spiced fruit, earthy, forest berry.