Joe Frex Coloured Milk Jug


These Joe Frex Milk Jugs will bring colourful light to your coffee making.Not only do they look stylish they can help you pour some pretty darn good latte art. Some of the worlds best latte artist choose the Joe Frex Milk Jugs. Joe Frex Milk Jugs have a great feel whilst delivering great Latte art. It is a must for all Latte Artist Barista’s.



Our milk pitchers are perfectly designed and shaped to enable you to create smooth milk foam for cappuccinos and latte macchiato. The spouts are ideal for latte art on cappuccinos. It is an important aspect to supply your customers with the appropriate and preferred dairy products. We make this easy for you with our range of laser-engraved inscripted milk pitchers.

All our JoeFrex pitchers and jugs are made of solid stainless steel. The coloured pitchers are additionally Teflon coated for easier frothing and cleaning, and they can also help to tell apart different types of milk.

Weight 500 g


Coloured Milk Jug

White, Red, Blue