Kenyan Karunda Mill Premium AA is a microlot coffee from Africa. It has been an absolute pleasure drinking this coffee and we are sure your going to love it. It has distinctive cherry flavour and does tend to taste like black grape skin also. As for these high fruit notes. We have found it is best to roast this with a faster ramping and then settle it as it hits first crack. Roasting up to second crack is fine and definitely worth trying it through the Aeropress or as a pour over.

Country: Kenya Kamara
Classification: Premium AA
Screen Size / Grade: SCR 17/18, GR AA
Bean Appearance: Consistent high grade and finish
Acidity: High and pronounced
Body: Medium-Full, Developed
Flavour: Cherries fruitiness give this coffee fruit notes with a sharp finish which is pleasant
Roast: Medium to Dark
Harvest Period: Main Harvest – October to December / Second Harvest – June to August
Kenyan Kamara AA estate is a great coffee with good body and depth. Great for espresso producing cherry like fruit flavours in the cup. Roast it towards a medium to dark roast for espresso.
Weight N/A