Metal Pesado Clump Crusher (WDT Tool)

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The Metal Pesado Clump Crusher is a great economical distribution tool for the home barista. Many domestic coffee grinders will leave clumps in the grinds and the Metal Pesado Clump Crusher allows you to fluff out the puck by breaking up these lumps and evening out the density of the coffee before tamping.

Weight 124 g
Dimensions 4 × 3.5 × 12 cm

Black, Silver


Product details

The Metal Pesado Clump Crusher has a removable needle system for easy cleaning and replacement of needles so you no longer have to replace the entire crusher pin. The new pin system has been made to cope with the toughest environments with flexible needles which will bounce straight back into position after use,  Made from stainless steel with a metallic electro black finish.


  • 45mm needle length.
  • 0.3mm needle thickness.
  • 8 removable needles.