Mexican Swiss Water Decaf


Our Mexican Swiss Water Decaf green coffee beans are a fully certified organic coffee bean. It has bean decaffeinated using the Mountain water process. It is a great coffee which we have won a Silver Golden Bean medal with in 2011/12. It has good body, distinctive chocolate tones and good acidity.

Country: Mexico
Decaffeinated: Mexican Mountain Water
Sustainable: Organic Certified, Rainforest Alliance Certified
Classification: Mountain Water Decaffeination Processed
Bean Appearance: Well processed, clean and even(Photo does not depict these bean)
Acidity: Medium, bright
Body: Medium
Flavour: Sweet fruit and nut, soft chocolate with caramel sugars
Roast: Medium
Harvest Period: August to January
This ‘Mountain Water’ Decaf process has preserved the original characteristics of the inherent aroma and flavour of the original Mexican beans. This is a premium Decaf bean and one of the few ‘best’ choices for the coffee roaster, completed by being organic certified.
Weight N/A