Nicaraguan SHG EP


Nicaraguan SHG EP is a strictly high grown bean and is European Prepared as the title puts it. These beans are a little larger in size and is a great coffee that has good body with hints of Apricots, touch of cocoa and floral notes. We tend to use this coffee for its perfume that it gives blends also.

Country: Nicaragua
Sustainable: Organic Certified, Fairtrade Certified
Screen Size / Grade: SHG, European Preparation
Bean Appearance: Quality finish, excellent visual presentation
Acidity: Light, mild
Body: Medium, full and balanced
Flavour: Nut, cocoa, apricot fruit
Roast: Medium – Medium/High
Harvest Period: November to March
Here is a fine quality bean from an excellent source. With both fair trade and organic certification, supported by European preparation quality finish. This bean is a natural choice for those roasters requiring an overall package, including performance in the cup.
Weight N/A