Orchestrale Etnica Coffee Machine


The Orchestrale Etnica Coffee Machine is very distinctive and is a well made Italian espresso machine. It comes standard with volumetric touch pads, a raised E61 group head and a hot water mixer as a factory feature. Dual gauges for both the boiler and the pump pressure. Boiler and pipes made from copper. Satin stainless steel finished.


Orchestrale coffee machines are a collection of professional espresso coffee machines concieved as a poem, from the historical and indivisible bond between the great cultures of coffee and music in the Italian tradition. It wants to pay homage to the music but with a special dedication to the barista, the great conductor who knows how to get the best from the symphonies, or rather the chosen coffee blend.

The all new Etnica by Orchestrale is 100% made in Italy, will compliment the most professional of Baristas. With E61 group heads, 2 x steam wands and 6 programmable portion control per group, the Orchestrale Etnica comes standard with an adjustable hot water mix valve, cup surround, high groups, cup heater element and large 21 grams style handles (white red or black)

Individual pressure guages for the steam pressure and pump pressure gives the added advantage of knowing your machine is within the optimum range for producing the best cup of coffee.

The machine is made of the finest quality stainless steel and contains a single boiler with a large heat exchange per group. The back of the machine is lit by a white LED light.

Weight 30000 g