Orchestrale Nota Coffee Machine


The Nota is Orchestrale’s 1 group machine and it is a beauty. It has one of the best styling seen in a home/domestic coffee machine. It also boasts being the only domestic machine on the market with a two pump system. It features a rotary pump for the coffee extraction and a second vibration pump for the boiler refill. It has exceptional extraction pressure stability. Has an E61 group head ‘Levetta” which is a raised group head. 3L copper boiler and leva micro switch brewing activation. This machine is what Italian manufacturing is all about.

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Orchestrale Nota is unique, it has been designed with the finest touch of modern elegance and engineered as one of the most performing domestic coffee machines on the market.

With 3L copper boiler, 1800w heating element, commercial size taps, laser cut Swedish stainless steel frame and body, 100% hand made in Italy, Nota has been developed to perform as a professional machine.

Featuring full size roatary pump and a two step micro switch leva to activate first pre-infusion then coffee brewing, “The Nota” is the essence of the skill, a real reproduction of the original technology in Italian traditon.


Weight 35000 g

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