PNG Kamal Single Origin Organic Coffee Beans

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Silipo Coffee only uses the best possible beans for our single origin coffees. We pride ourselves on working with farms around the world which supply outstanding beans whilst maintaining ethical and sustainable farming methods.

Papua New Guinea (PNG) is a relative newcomer to the specialty coffee scene. The remote locations of the nation’s smallholder farms – who produce 85% of total coffee in the country – combined with historically-poor infrastructure has made the transition to specialty difficult. Nonetheless, the country is working towards innovative solutions which is leading to better quality coffee and improved livelihoods for the nation’s smallholder coffee producers.

See below for a detailed overview of our PNG Kamal Single Origin Organic Coffee.

This coffee is great for both milk-based and black coffees.

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1kg, 500g, 250g


Beans, Ground Espresso – Domestic Coffee Machine, Ground Espresso – Commercial Coffee Machine, Ground Filter/V60, Ground Cold Brew, Ground Percolator, Ground Plunger, Ground Stove Top


Product details


Papua New Guinea.

Farm Details: 

  • Region: Highlands.
  • Producer: Kamal Tribe.
  • Varietals: Bourbon.
  • Type of Beans: Arabica.
  • Processing: Washed.

Cupping/Tasting Notes 

Tropical fruit, chocolate.

Roast: Espresso.

Body Strength: Medium/High.

Flavour Profile: Medium.

Sweetness: High.

Our Single Origin Espresso Recipe:

  • 18g Silipo Coffee Pesado/ISM Basket.
  • 20.5g ground espresso coffee.
  • Water temperature 94°c.
  • 41g out or 42ml plus crema.
  • Timed over approximately 30 secs.

Click here for brewing videos.