Proaster Coffee Roaster – THSR-001 (1B-E)

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A great little coffee roaster for the hobbyist or someone wanting to start something more serious.

Weight 30000 g
Dimensions 73 × 27 × 74 cm

Product details

This Roaster sample roaster allows stable and precise control of heat and air supplying during the roasting process. It is factory fitted with a powerful blower for fast cooling as well as a custom made airflow attachment for ease of controlling the airflow and has a new motor. The roasting process can easily be observed via the inspection sampler.


  • Easy to discharge.
  • Chaff collected separately.
  • Hot airflow roasting method.
  • Easy to observe roasting process and heat supply.

The nitty gritty:

  • Work capacity – 60-100g/batch.
  • Roasting time – 8-20 minutes/batch.
  • Heat source-  electric.
  • Consumption 2.2Kw.
  • Weight 30kg.
  • W 32cm x D 71cm x H 67.5cm.