Pullman Coffee Barista Tamper 58mm

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The Barista Tamper is Pullman’s flagship product, perfectly complemented by the precision and balance of the Barista base. Offering a great blend of style and durability and useful for both commercial and home use, the Pullman Coffee Barista Tamper is the ultimate barista tool and may well be the last tamper you ever need to buy.


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Black Stealth, Argent Silver, Forest Green, Cobalt Blue, Burgundy Red


Product details

Pullman Coffee Barista Tampers are the ultimate in barista professionalism. Pullman are a great beginner, intermediate and professional tamper for your coffee making. The handles are produced in a number of colours and are of a very high quality and finish and the base is made from a good quality stainless steel. Pullman Coffee Barista Tampers are not only regarded as the best in Australia but also one of the best in the world.

The tamper comes with three stackable height-adjustment spacers which provide 8 different height options across 15mm of adjustment. Simply unscrew the handle to install or swap the spacers. Generally speaking, a large hand is better suited to a thicker spacer, and a smaller hand works better with a thin spacer. Since the grip used can change the preference, it is recommended to try various combination of spacers until the ideal grip is achieved. Keep any unused spacers in a safe place for future use.

The handles can be washed or wiped as required, however do not clean in dishwashers or use any harsh or caustic chemical cleaners (particularly bleach or caustic soda). Always dry the tamper immediately after cleaning. The base can be unscrewed for cleaning if desired, however a wipe with a damp cloth should be all it takes to remove any dried coffee residue or particles.

Available in Black Stealth, Argent Silver, Forest Green and Cobalt Blue.

Other colours and sizes can be custom ordered by contacting us here. Please allow an additional 7 business days for delivery.