Pullman Coffee Tamper Handles


Pullman Coffee Tampers are the ultimate in Barista professionalism. Pullman are a great beginner, intermediate and professional tamper for your coffee making. The handles are produced in a number of colours and of a very high quality and finish. Pullman coffee tampers are not only regarded as the best in Australia but also one of the best in the world. The Pullman coffee tamper’s base are made from a good quality stainless steel. What makes this base so great is there are lines around the edge to help the level of your tamp to be consistent. The handles also have a rubber base for grip and come with extra weights to make heavier or extend the length of tamper to suit your finger length. They come in various diameters which is suitable for many commercial coffee machines. We sell online only 58mm with three different bases online but can be contacted for custom sizing. IPA cups are made from the best clay possible. They are Italian made and are also very durable. While they are tough in nature they are still very elegant and are used through cafe and restaurants around the world. Due to there unique design they hold crema from an espresso for long and some say that the coffee definitely tastes better.


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The Barista tamper is Pullmans flagship product, perfectly complemented by the precision and balance of the Big Step and Barista base. Offering a great blend of style and durability, useful for both commercial and home use, the Pullman Barista tamper is the Ultimate Barista tool and may well be the last tamper you ever need to buy. Released in 2008, your Barista tamper is….

  • Unique and personalised handle engraving options
  • Adjustable spacers for comfort and support.
  • Available in a flat or convex base
  • TrueTamp rings to assist in achieving a level tamp
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Fully customisable with a wide range of handle materials and colours

Red, Green, Blue, Silver, Black, Purple, Gold, Bronze, Orange, Pink