Puqpress M2 Universal Automatic Coffee Tamper

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The Puqpress is the world’s first fully automatic coffee tamper which offers unparalleled accuracy and precision. Puqpress uses a patented self levelling mechanism never seen before in the coffee industry.

With the Puqpress M2 Gen 5 Universal cafes can now have a combined grind-on demand and precise, automatic tamping solution. The Puqpress M2 Gen 5 University works best with Anfim, Markibar and other grinders with a similar footprint.

Specialty coffee roasters and baristas will love the consistency the Puqpress M2 Gen 5 Automatic Coffee Tamper provides and with the double tamp cycle of only 1.3 seconds, service times will be improved meaning happier customers.

Weight 6500 g
Dimensions 380 × 180 × 170 cm

Black, White


Product details

The Nitty Gritty: 

  • Nano non-stick tamp head.
  • Adjustable tamping pressure from 10kg to 30kg.
  • LCD display for pressure adjustment.
  • Portafilter holder adjustable height to fit all types of portafilters via a hex key.
  • Works with all types of portafilters – Naked, single spout, double spouts.
  • Tamp diameter 53-58.3mm.
  • 70W motor.
  • Net weight 6kg.
  • H 17cm x W 18cm x D 38cm.