Quamar M80 Coffee Grinder


Silipo Coffee have been using Quamar coffee grinders for over a year. They are always very reliable. Quamar coffee grinders are very well priced. The M80 auto doser starter model is great for low volume to medium volume cafes. They can also be used in the home. The Quamar M80 E (Grind on demand) is exceptional for its price and is great for keeping your consistency. No more wasted shots of coffee. 



M80 Grinder

The On Demand M-80 has been very successful amongst our clients which made us adapt the On demand system also to the new Q13; we fused the design and the exaltation of the finest blends. This model is extremely flexible, thanks to the possibility to independently set one single dose, double or triple and to the new display where you can read all the information needed to have a high quality ground coffee. In both versions (with conical or with plans grinding blades) there’s the micrometric grind setting.

Quamar M80 Auto Doser

Body: Aluminium

Hopper Capacity: 1.2kg Plastic

Dispenser: 280g

Grinder Blades:63mm

Hourly Quantity KG: 20kg/hr

M80 E extra’s

Dispenser: On Demand

Weight 10000 g