Quamar Q13 Coffee Grinder


If you are after a great coffee grinder. The Quamar Q13 is for you. Boasting great styling whilst performing at an optimal level. The Q13 is for medium to busy café/espresso bar environments. It comes in two models. The auto doser with chamber and the Grind On Demand. 



Q13 Grinder

The Q13 coffee grinder along with its new design and simplicity of use is also noiseless, these features are the aim of satisfying the demands of a mature professional world wide market. The whole project has been based on the demands of our clients, listening and understanding has helped develop the Q13. Metal components, containment of coffee flour temperatures to not modify taste and smell, reduction of vibrations to a minimum the micrometric adjustment make our Q13 the ideal product for sophisticated and elegant ambiences. The introduction of conical grinding blades, a variant extremely appreciated by our costumers (really selective regarding the coffee taste) assures an high quality ground coffee to obtain the best espresso.

Quamar Q13 Auto Doser

Body: Aluminium

Hopper Capacity: 1.5kg Plastic

Dispenser: 280g

Grinder Blades: 75mm Flat burrs ***71mm Conical burrs available at extra charge

Hourly Quantity KG: 30kg/hr

Q13 Electric extra’s

Grinder Blades: 63mm Conical

Dispenser: On Demand

Weight 10000 g