Rhino Floor Standing Knock Box

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The Thumpa is a tall knock box designed with busy coffee environments in mind. Featuring a flared collared top to contain coffee ground spatters and a slotted knock bar which is easily inserted and removed, the Thumpa is virtually indestructible and can handle the demanding needs of even the busiest coffee shop.

The top is effortlessly removed for ease of emptying and cleaning and all parts can be replaced (please contact us direct for replacement parts).

Weight 3.65 g
Dimensions 23 × 23 × 81 cm

Product details

Product dimensions:

  • Height: 860mm.
  • Width of Collar: 225mm.
  • Width at Base: 220mm.
  • Length of Knock Bar: 200mm.
  • Length of Rubber Cover: 157mm.

Proudly Australian owned and designed.