Silipo Coffee Subscription


Silipo Coffee subscriptions has been set up by Silipo Coffee for the coffee lover that just likes to know that their coffee is coming every time. Our head roaster will choose the right beans at the right time to send to you. These beans will vary from month to month depending on your subscription. This coffee subscription will mean you can never run out of great tasting fresh roasted coffee ever again. Just choose the right subscription for you and we will do the rest of the work. Silipo Coffee source only the best beans from the best farms all over the world. This is our chance to show you a great range of regions, farms, flavours and diversity. We can guarantee you will never look at coffee the same again. Each bean will come with its on recipe card. Meaning you can now follow a guideline to get best results. Your coffee will be sent out on the first Monday of the new month. Free shipping on all products. Australia wide only.

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250GM, 500GM, 1KG