Silipo Filter Colombian Daniel Cuellar


Silipo Coffee Filter Coffee of the week. Each week we offer a new amazing coffee for your favourite filter brew.

This week on offer is: Colombian Daniel Cuellar

This coffee is a Natural Pink Bourbon and we roast to around 8% development as it has a high sugar content from its fermentation method. You will find it is fruity with mango and white flesh fruit flavours, medium body, pleasant sweetness and medium to high acidity.

Coffee: Filter Roast

Tasting Notes: Tropical fruits, Pineapple, Crisp Apple, light citrus, medium-bodied with good acidity.

Brew Recipe:

V60 2 Cup 

Temperature: 93-94 Degrees Celcius

In: 15gm Out: 250gm      

Time: 2m 30s