Tiamo Coffee Pot 1L


Tiamo Coffee Pot 1L is a must-have for every Barista and coffee connoisseur! If your want control and precision when preparing your pour over brew than Tiamo Coffee Pot 1L is what you are looking for. Tiamo Coffee Pot 1L is a great stainless steel kettle with inbuilt thermometer will give you the perfect pour every time. The long slender spout forces a narrow controlled stream of water ensuring the best flow rate control. Tiamo Coffee Pot 1L can fit 1 liter of water. Free shipping on all products. Australia wide only.

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Tiamo Coffee Pot 1L

Spout: 8mm thin long spout
Built-in Lid Thermometer: indicate water temperature up to 120degrees

Capacity: 1 Litre
Body: Wave body with Mirror Finish
Material : Stainless Steel (Body), PP (Handle)

Product code: HA1616
Shipping: FREE