About Silipo Coffee

Silipo Coffee is a Gold Coast-based business established in 2006, we roast and distribute freshly roasted specialty coffee Australia wide with the most fastidious of cafe and coffee consumers in mind.

Richard Silipo

How did Silipo Coffee Come about!

Richard Silipo, the founder of Silipo Coffee, has been involved in the coffee industry since 1994. Richard noticed that there was a need for a speciality coffee supplier that not only wholesaled specialty coffee beans but also was able to meet a customer needs. This all started with his own family being able to buy coffee for their home or office machines, but with no follow through with any service. With this in mind Richard Silipo started his own wholesale coffee distribution business. At first he sourced great quality roasted coffee but realised to get every aspect of the business perfect he would have to set up his own specialty coffee roasting house.


Roy the Roaster

What followed was…

Richard Silipo found a Has Garanti coffee roaster that was able to roast the best specialty green coffee beans to their full potential. Eventually, Richard Silipo found his roaster of choice, which was ‘Roy’, his 15kg Has Garanti. The next step was to find the best quality specialty coffee bean supplier and start roasting their distinctive and highly addictive 5 coffee blends. The reason was to create a blend to suit all coffee addicts!





What is Silipo Coffee’s Difference?

Silipo Coffee listen to our customer’s wants and needs and make sure they are met! Caffe Silipo We view our customers like an extension of our family, we can never do too much. As we gain valuable feedback on what our customers want we endeavor to change to provide our customers with a service like no other. Silipo Coffee aims to be the biggest supplier in the Gold Coast/Brisbane and Northern Rivers areas. We hope more and more people realise the true importance of a great specialty coffee roasted product and a company that is doing all it can to better the coffee industry.