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Golden Bean Awards

Best Gold Coast Coffee Award

Silipo Coffee have competed in several events for coffee awards. Silipo Coffee competed in their first competition in  2011. Which was the Golden Bean Awards. Silipo Coffee won a total of 3 medals and come runner up (2nd place) for whole competition. These awards saw Silipo Coffee take out a Silver medal in the Decaffeinated category, Silver in the Espresso category and a Bronze medal in the Single Origin category.

The next event was 2012/13 Golden Bean Awards which saw another Bronze medal win for their Peru Single Origin. This time it was under the Organic category.

Silipo Coffee then heard that there was going to be one of the hardest competitions coming to Australia to coincide with the 2013 Melbourne International Coffee Exhibitiion. This was done through the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria and was to be named The Australian International Coffee Awards. Silipo Coffee entered and received another Bronze medal for a Single Origin Ecuador coffee bean. Silipo Coffee nearly had a Silver here and all other entries were within a few points of receiving a medal.

Silipo Coffee then entered the Annual Golden Bean Awards for the third year running but this time was different. Richard Silipo put his protege roaster, Erin Webster up for the event. Richard had only started training Erin 7 months before this event. Erin had never roasted coffee before this. Erin competed with incredible entries and received her first award for the category Single Origin. Not only did Erin win her first award and one more award for Silipo Coffee she also come away with the Silver Award.

Silipo Coffee has successfully entered and won coffee awards in every event since they started competing and we can assure you. That when buying Silipo Coffee you will always get the best possible fresh roasted coffee beans that are of an award winning standard.

Silver Medal for 2013 Single Origin Dominican Republic

2013 Award

Award for Peru Single Origin Organic for Organic Catagory 2012/13

Golden Bean Award

Overall runner up Golden Bean 2011/12 roasting competition

Espresso Category: Silver Medal – Nero Blend

Single Origin Category: Bronze Medal Peru Single Origin Organic

Decaffeinated Category: Mexican Organic Decaf

Roasting Competition



RASV Awards


Bronze Single Origin 2013

Ecuador Single Origin

AICA Award