Silipo Team

Richard Silipo

Richard Silipo


Title: Owner, Head of Operations and Sales

Richard Silipo was first introduced to the art of espresso in 1994. Since this time he has owned restaurants and cafes and managed multiple franchise and non franchise stores within the hospitality industry. Richard has completed many Barista courses and has competed in a won some  competitions. Richard also won multiple awards for coffee roasting in his first two years as an industry roaster. Richard is also an accredited judge for the Queensland Barista Championships which run through AASCA and is a proud member. Richard’s role within Silipo Coffee is to continue to educate his staff and clients in all things coffee and he hopes to bring exceptional quality coffee to the Eastern Side of Australia and later spread it across Australia and the globe.

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Jacob King

Title: Wholesale Operations Manager and Silipo Coffee Barista Trainer

Jacob’s coffee journey started when he was working part time for a franchise coffee company whilst he was still at high school. Jacob was then offered a job to work in a cafe and a new journey began. He started gaining more and more knowledge in the coffee industry and it led him to begin competing as a Barista. After gaining some confidence outside the coffee franchise world Jacob made the decision to join the Silipo family. In October 2016 Jacob beat many other competitors and won the title of ‘Barefoot Barista Latte Art Smackdown’. Jacob brings to the Silipo Coffee team a very high level of milk texturing, latte art skills and a passion for coffee that matches Richard Silipo’s own passion when he started the business. Jacob is now Silipo Coffee’s Wholesale Manager and Barista Trainer.

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Bruce Morrison


Title: Head Roaster and 2IC to Richard Silipo

Bruce Morrison’s back ground is definitely not coffee. Bruce has been overseas in Italy for the best part of 22years. His skill set and background is in Sound Engineering. Traveling all of Europe with bands making sure their equipment was perfect. When Bruce arrived back in Australia he came to Silipo Coffee as a student for the beginners Barista Course. Bruce’s determination to come into the espresso bar and practise day after day and week after week saw Richard Silipo offer him a position. Bruce brings to the Silipo team a very respectful approach to clients and their needs. Bruce’s skills are now very developed and he can make a great espresso. Another asset Bruce has is that he is Bi-lingual, speaking Italian when need be. After learning the art of roasting by Roast Master Richard Silipo, Bruce has now won Seven awards for his coffee roasting skills. Silipo Coffee can see Bruce winning plenty more as he expands his knowledge. Bruce’s position is Head Roaster for Silipo Coffee and he is 2IC to Richard Silipo.

Jesse Matthews-Cooke

Title: Head Barista of Silipo Coffee Espresso Bar and Barista Trainer

Jesse is our Head Barista for our espresso bar. Jesse started making coffee 15 years ago and is a seasoned Barista. Since then Jesse has become addicted to not only the coffee itself but making it and pouring Latte Art. Jesse is an Award Winning Coffee Roaster taking out a Medal in the Golden Bean Roasting Competition for his own business in 2016. Jesse enjoys a variety of jobs, he also does Actor and Extras work on some of the biggest films being filmed on the Gold Coast. Jesse is an exceptional barista and we are glad to have him around. Jesse’s other talent is speaking multiple languages, which is always a hit with our foreign customers. Jesse also claims he makes the best Tiramasu and Espresso Martini’s.

Michelle Silipo

Michelle Silipo

Title: Accounts and Website Administration

Michelle Silipo is an Architectural Drafting Technician and Project Manager. She has worked in the planning departments of Airports and Commercial Property Developers. Michelle is also a Remedial Massage Therapist and has used that skill to travel to London on a 2 year working visa. She met Richard Silipo a year after arriving back in Australia and fell in love. Michelle is currently raising their 3 beautiful children and studying her Graduate Certificate in Business Management. She does some ‘behind the scenes’ work for Silipo Coffee in Accounts, Website Administration and Drafting for the warehouse/cafe.


Honza Greater

Title: Silipo Coffee Delivery Driver and Barista/Trainer

Honza Came to Silipo Coffee a short time ago leaving his home land of the Czech Republic to gain life experiences and travels. Honza decided to do a Barista Course with Silipo Coffee and fell in love with all coffee has to offer. Honza has now been delivering our coffee beans to all our clients while learning the Art of being a Barista for around 6 months. In that time he has become a great Barista and made some good friends within Silipo Coffee. Honza will be a key member at Silipo Coffee for some time to come.